admin portal

  1. hadi

    Please add option fields for Name,Family, ...

    Hello In some country or conditions we should prevent users from editing below fields Name, Family, Address, Email , etc. Please add options are available for other user custom fields for above fields. Admin could select if above fields are editable or not; Thank you
  2. hadi

    Create Internal Ticket Type

    Hello Is it possible to have internal ticket type which are not visible in Public and clients ? Thanks
  3. hadi

    Account/ Clients page with sorting balance

    Hello This part ( Account/ Clients ) page of Clientexec will be very useful if some more column added to the table. Please add Balance column and filter for this page ; Currently we can't check remained balance by sorting; Thanks
  4. hadi

    IP protect /admin in clientexec

    Hello As anyone know admin area in clientexec is very important; Is there any way to IP protect /admin path in clientexec ? Thanks
  5. hadi

    formatted text for canned responses

    Hello Please add formatted text for canned response; because we are using RTL text currently this simple text box not helping us to have our custom canned response. Thanks
  6. hadi

    Duplicate Forbidden Subdomains/Words option for Order

    Hello Many people use www. or https://www. or https:// for ordering webhosting; This cause problem for creating packages. Would you please add "Forbidden Subdomains" for OrderPages Setting ? Thanks
  7. hadi

    Filter for Custom User Status Alias

    Hello Under Accounts/Clients/ Filter doesn't show "Custom User Status Alias". Thanks
  8. hadi

    New type of invoice named proforma

    Hello Now we have two types of invoice and drafts. Could we have a new type of named proforma ? This is useful when we want create custom prices and send proforma for clients. It should have custom pdf format. Thanks
  9. hadi

    different pdf template for Invoice and Draft

    It will be good if we have a different PDF format for draft and invoice. currently we can only define the pdf template which applies for both files( invoice and draft ). as we use draft invoices for proforma we need to have different formats for pdf. Thanks
  10. hadi

    send invoice to someone else

    Hello In some cases we need to send one or more invoice/receipt to someone else ( not registered in clientexec ) Please add send under invoice list. We can select and send and invoice/receipt or draft to someone else ( for example our staff ) Thanks
  11. hadi

    custom field for specific domain extension

    Hello, As you know some domain extensions need some custom fields to fill before registration. These fields are different ; Would you please add Custom fields for specific domain extensions? We do not intend to have these custom fields for group types and specifically for each extension. For...
  12. hadi

    2 feature in Notification Center

    Hello Please consider two features in Notification Center. 1) Action: None Because maybe we don't want to send an email or open a support ticket 2) Action: Send Email to Staff ( Edit box to add staff emails ) We need to notify staff of a specific situation. Thanks
  13. hadi

    clients with multiple groups in admin portal

    Hello Please allow a client to have multiple groups in the admin area. For example, we have a group of VIP for top clients; We want to give access to some of them to have access to another group named : DOMAIN-ACCESS to update their nameserver; In this case, we should move it to another group...
  14. hadi

    description field for Ticket Types

    Hello Please consider a description under ticket types to describe for clients and guest about the different type of departments; It should be additional field in admin panel when we define"TicketTypes" Many clients and guest doesn't understand from dropdown which department is suitable for...
  15. hadi

    which package are using "Override AutoSuspend"

    Hi Please add a custom column which shows us which packages are using "Override AutoSuspend" Thanks
  16. hadi

    Filter by Server Name in Admin Portal

    Hello Please add filter by server name in admin portal under Hosting Package List Admins could monitor and check servers account easily; Thanks
  17. hadi

    Add credit under client and admin portal

    Hello Please add "Add credit" to admin portal and client portal; Under clients - It could creates a new invoice and let clients to pay this to make available in their credit Under Admin - we can add credit to their Credit field under client/billing; It's usefull for autorenewal services and for...
  18. hadi

    filter/search Domain Package List

    Hello, Please add domain search filter in Domain Package List Currently we should review multiple pages for find a domain while review DomainList ; Thanks
  19. hadi

    Add Support Ticket / Show Package

    Hello When we update tickets or a ticket opens by a client we could select package but when we add support ticket we don't have these option; ( Below Image ) Because of this leakage we can't use canned responses with Package Custom Fields; Please add this part to add support ticket . Thanks