client portal

  1. hadi

    Additional class for words in client portal

    Hello Please add additional class for words like "active" , "cancelled","unpaid" ,"paid" , " closed", "open" , "waiting for client" and etc So your current clients could customize their client portal interface with custom css and provide more beautiful panel to clients; For example below...
  2. hadi

    Add credit under client and admin portal

    Hello Please add "Add credit" to admin portal and client portal; Under clients - It could creates a new invoice and let clients to pay this to make available in their credit Under Admin - we can add credit to their Credit field under client/billing; It's usefull for autorenewal services and for...
  3. hadi

    html place holder for fields in ClientPortal

    Please add html place holder for fields in ClientPortal if possible ; We can use this to show clients they should enter their full details in English ; Currently foreign clients uses their language for register themselves so automatic order processor failed ; For example when a client...
  4. hadi

    add ticket details on top of ticket page in client portal

    Hello Please add details of ticket contains department and others to top of ticket on client portal Some clients wanted to follow up their tickets by phone but they don't aware in which department should followup their tickets something like this I speak about this page on client portal top...
  5. hadi

    quoted link for client portal

    Hi Some tickets clients sends are too long and we should read every post for understanding it; I think adding quoted under each post helps clients to mentioned to their post; In my scenario every each post contains a "quoted link" which copy this post to "Post Editor" Thank you
  6. hadi

    do not show Voided Invoice in list of Paid Invoices in Client Portal

    Hello Please do not show Voided Invoice in list of Paid Invoices in Client Portal if possible; Thanks
  7. hadi

    Client Portal / Inbox

    Hello Some Clients says we didn't receive your email ; why ?? -Because they received email in their spam -Because their mail server ignored our email or something else; It's better to add "INBOX" in client portal and lets them to see there their new notification for Ticket Updates or Emails ...