client portal

  1. hadi

    better location for announcement

    Hello I have a question from my self ; why we publish announcement; I think when something wrongs or important we publish this announcement ; but I understanded that this announcement has not good position in client area ; I recommend a setting to publish this announcement in client area at he...
  2. hadi

    billing cycle available on Modern Price template

    Hello I recommend a minor change in Modern Template Pricing list. I think it's better to show available billing cycle like crisp. By changing Billing , price shows on the package . Thanks
  3. hadi

    Quality service department assignment

    Hello It will be good if there is button or assign button for tickets in the client portal to assign tickets to another department for example Quality Department; In case a client is not satisfied from a ticket they could assign this ticket to another department for Service Quality for example...
  4. hadi

    Add Details under Action menu

    Hi Recently I found many client doesn't aware with clicking on Package under PackageList( Client Portal ) They could see configuration and details of package. I recommend add a shortcut for product details under Action Menu like something I show in below image. Thank you
  5. hadi

    add Last Updated in ticket list for client portal

    Hello I suggest adding "Last Updated" on Client Portal/Support/Ticket List in new Column. Thank you
  6. hadi

    add path ( breadcrumb ) in client portal for each page

    Hello I suggest add path like this at the top of each page Client Portal/Support/Submit Ticket Client Portal/Billing/.... .... Thanks
  7. hadi

    snapin for login with one time password send to mobile No

    Hello I wanted to develop a snapin to let client direct login to client portal with mobile number with one time password send to them by sms. Would you please give me information how can I authenticate users login and how can login to client portal without resetting client password ? Thanks
  8. hadi

    cc and bcc or CC Recipients for clientportal

    Hello Please add cc and bcc or CC Recipients for tickets in client portal. when a design or it opens a ticket behalf of a client needs to be updated once login or opened a ticket for him/her. Thanks
  9. hadi

    Addon Price phrase

    Hello Please consider this phrase. It's additional price. Thank you
  10. hadi

    Regional Setting for show date

    Hello In PHP and JavaScript there is a feature to convert date to Regional Dates; I strongly suggest to add this feature to Regional Setting to show date in Regional Settings; In this way only selecting Country will show date in that format; with this feature you can fully support all...
  11. hadi

    transactions in client area

    Hello Would you please add transaction in client area. Many clients wanted to see their payment transactions in client area when they have many services; Thanks
  12. hadi

    define sepate class for this

    Hello In new client area template Would you please define separate class tag for this part of page ? This design is not suitable when we want customize or change direction of page. Thank you
  13. hadi

    Domain list in client area

    Hello In new version of 6.4 domain list available only if "View List" selected from main page; I think clients will ask where is our domains; I think it's better to add "Domains" under Packages or new menu item. Thanks
  14. hadi

    better place for change password in client portal

    Hello In new design of CE7 please consider better action for change hosting password as I saw many times clients couldn't find change password in action button and they open a ticket about this. Better to place it under action button to redirect to change password page. Thanks
  15. hadi

    Not A Bug GET parameter named couponcode to apply coupons automatically

    Hello In recent version you have add a GET parameter named couponcode to apply coupons automatically. but when I checked and send it manually to test it when we send it from below addresses this coupon will not work on final step and looks like dropped . Would you please investigate this...
  16. hadi

    view ticket for guest without login

    Hello Please make it available this option on client area to view guest user see their tickets with ticketID and email address without login. Thanks
  17. hadi

    Completed Upgrade Package in Action Button

    Hello We have some clients that when they wanted to upgrade their hosting services they order new hosting . I think it will be good if add a new link in Action Button and show them upgrade from their group. after they select their package and submit ; system opens a support ticket for us to...
  18. hadi

    "Submit Ticket" on top menu in the client portal

    Hello Maybe it's not acceptable for many peoples but I saw many peoples ask us where is "submit a ticket"; I recommend having Optional Setting for having "Submit Ticket" on top menu in the client portal. Thanks
  19. hadi

    Additional class for words in client portal

    Hello Please add additional class for words like "active" , "cancelled","unpaid" ,"paid" , " closed", "open" , "waiting for client" and etc So your current clients could customize their client portal interface with custom css and provide more beautiful panel to clients; For example below...
  20. hadi

    Add credit under client and admin portal

    Hello Please add "Add credit" to admin portal and client portal; Under clients - It could creates a new invoice and let clients to pay this to make available in their credit Under Admin - we can add credit to their Credit field under client/billing; It's usefull for autorenewal services and for...